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Are You Struggling with Digital Transformation?

Businesses face challenges in keeping up with technological advancements. Cloud complexities, slow development cycles, security concerns, and integrating Generative AI (GenAI) can hold you back.

We Have the Solutions to Help You Succeed

At JUTEQ, we offer comprehensive services to address your specific needs.

GenAI/LLMOps Services

Leverage Generative AI and Language Model Operations for enhanced innovation and efficiency.

Cloud Services

Secure and scalable cloud solutions tailored to your business.

DevOps Services

Streamline your development lifecycle with our expert DevOps practices.

Kubernetes Services

Efficient container orchestration to optimize your operations.

Why Choose JUTEQ?”

With years of experience and a team of experts, we guide you through every step of your digital transformation.”

Our Proven Process!

At JUTEQ, we follow a proven process that ensures successful outcomes for every project. Our step-by-step approach is designed to foster innovation, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional results. Here’s a look at our process:


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Transform Your Business

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See How We’ve Helped Others Succeed

At JUTEQ, our clients’ success stories speak volumes about the quality and impact of our work. Here are some testimonials from businesses and professionals who have experienced the transformative power of our innovative solutions:

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Happy Clients
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Dave Rai

CEO, Nymi Inc


“Working with Rakesh and his team on the mobile software development for the Nymi was a fantastic experience. They played a key role in delivering an effective solution. I highly recommend Rakesh to anyone looking for exceptional mobile software development services.”

Bryan Guy



“Collaborating with JUTEQ on cloud architecture for our SaaS project was an outstanding experience. They swiftly architected our multi-tenant platform, effectively choosing a microservice architecture and course-correcting our development team on AWS capabilities. I highly recommend JUTEQ to anyone seeking top-notch Cloud and DevOps services”

Vince Palmacci

Principal Solution Architect, EQB


“Collaborating with Rakesh Gohel on Azure cloud architecture and infrastructure development was an outstanding experience. His proficiency enabled us to efficiently manage intricate banking projects using dependable and scalable cloud solutions. I highly endorse Rakesh for anyone seeking top-notch Azure cloud services.”

Stuart Maclean

Director of Product & Technology, Nymi Inc


“Rakesh worked closely with Nymi to make sure the problem we were addressing was well understood and the requirements were clear.”

Matthew L.

Director of IT, Management Consting


“JUTEQ’s guidance on cloud infrastructure optimization saved us a substantial amount of money while improving our system’s performance. Their expertise is invaluable, and their customer service is exceptional.”

What You Gain with JUTEQ

Partnering with JUTEQ brings a multitude of benefits to your organization. Our innovative approach and expert solutions are designed to drive success and deliver tangible results. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

70% Cost Savings

Save on infrastructure services and maintenance fees when you choose modern technologies like AWS, Kubernetes, and more.

2x More Innovation

Pave the way for future success with data analytics, AI, development, operational excellence, and competitive strategies.

50% Increased Productivity

Ensure business continuity with incident reduction, proactive response, quick recovery, and automated scalability.

4x Faster Releases

Whether you need to update your application, push hotfixes, or release features, you’ll be able to do it faster with the right infrastructure.

99.99% Uptime

Ensure business continuity with incident reduction, proactive response, quick recovery, and automated scalability.

30% Enhanced Security

Ensure business continuity with incident reduction, proactive response, quick recovery, and automated scalability

Industries We Serve

At JUTEQ, we bring our innovative solutions and creative problem-solving approach to a wide range of industries. Our versatile expertise allows us to address the unique challenges faced by different sectors, delivering customized strategies that drive success. Here are some of the key industries we serve:







JUTEQ Insights and Stories

Dive into the JUTEQ Blog for a dose of inspiration and innovation. Our blog is dedicated to exploring new questions that lead to groundbreaking solutions.

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