Solutions with Design Thinking

Meet JUTEQ: Your Partner in Cloud Innovation. Learn about our journey, mission, and the passionate team behind our services.

“The best creative solutions don’t come from finding good answers to questions that are presented…They come from inventing new questions!”

Who are we?

Our team specializes in cloud-native solutions. We architect well-rounded solutions, accelerating software delivery, and produce Software Bill of Material to provide the proof of software components used in project and their dependencies. We transform business needs into digitallly tangible software solutions that are highly-available, scalable, cost-efficient, and extensible.

We serve both public and private clouds, and create the technology roadmap and strategy for software projects; define system solutions; architect and implement policies for enterprise data and security.

We also advise on products from concept to commercialization and build a tech focus and result-oriented team for early-stage to growth startups.

We are the experts in DEVOPS building high visibility in software delivery and security.

We also transform the traditional software delivery processes into high performance DevOps, so that you can deliver software quickly, reliably and safely.

The JUTEQ Manifesto

DEVOPS service

The purpose of JUTEQ is to build and provide Cloud Native solutions that entail the managing software supply chain from source to the production of artifacts. We facilitate small or large organizations to realize the full potential of cloud-based solution development and designing IT services around.

JUTEQ’s focus remains on delivering business outcomes and managing the complete end-to-end delivery for a project scope.

Our Principles

We believe software is a trade-off for managing scope, resources and timeline. We help customers to realize the best value.

We believe customers need visibility in the progress of the engagement, so we layout measurable and visible milestones in a project plan.

We believe that customers are opportunity-minded and would not compromise on achieving business outcomes. We facilitate this journey to meet their expectations.

We believe in qualitative measurements in the work and deliver the value.

We believe in building on well-architected solutions that are proven by industry, however, they need to be adapted and extended to the individual needs.

We believe in shifting the security and data compliance as much close to its design and solution architecture to mitigate the risk and abide the data residency regulation.

We believe in accelerated software delivery for customers to achieve operational excellence in engineering.