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Harness the Full Power of Kubernetes with JUTEQ’s Expert Support. From deployment to management, we ensure your Kubernetes operations are seamless and effective.

Managed Service


Keep the lights on even when one or more components of your system fails.


Surge in users

Highly Available

Serve your customers in spite of any external failures or natural calamities.

Kubernetes challenges

Are you struggling in Your Cloud Journey?

Selection of cloud services and tooling

Suitable solution, Infra, data and security architecture

Number of environments for your applications

Best practices for security and cloud workloads

Confusing processes to your team


Over privileges and lose repository permissions

Sensitive info in code

Your build script breaks

Build secrets are accessible to developers

Secrets are shared among other environments

kubernetes benefits
kubernetes production issues


Team is not release ready

Release through developer account

Building dev environment takes time

Your manual build delays releases

Changes committed without review

Do you need more clarity on

How your engineering team is doing on releasing features?
Has your development velocity slowed down?
Familiar response from Engineering team – “We need more time to release” or “It works fine in lower environments”

Elevate Your Kubernetes Operations – Start with a Personalized Consultation.

Deploy all types of Workloads Confidently.

We are Certified Kubernetes Expert

Tens of Clusters delivered

Consistently serving since 2017

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Stop figuring out what may work for your needs

Hire our commercial-grade Kubernetes Professional service, and rest easy knowing you can deploy everyday.

Kubernetes advantages and disadvantages

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Run Kubernetes at Scale

We architect Kubernetes that fits your need and traffic demand.

Wide-scope 94% organizations struggle with Kubernetes 48% lack in-house skills

Kubernetes brings a paradigm of scalable workload and uniformity in deployment. The technical know-how and skill gaps of the technology make it hard to deploy in production environments.

If you do not act now, you may continue with:

Questioned Security

Kubernetes is not secured by default and leaving security as an afterthought can run you into exploitation.


Your will hinder developers in promoting innovation, psychological safety, speed of development and interaction when Kubernetes service model is missing.

Fuzzy Observability

Lack of monitoring infrastructure and workload versus end to end application traceability.

Legacy Infrastructure

Your organization will be blocked in innovating and moving towards modern infrastructure that involves microservice, cloud scale and cost optimization.

Tools Sprawl

Lack of standardized tools lead into siloed implementation of DevOps and repeatedly solving same challenges across organization.

Untold Change Saga

Software delivery cycles are compressing. Fast-paced development may prone to unapproved changes that results in deployment failure.

Supercharge Your Kubernetes Deployment

Cloud Native

Cloud native applications needs cloud native build and deployment processes and pipelines. You don’t need to figure out by yourself. Use the proven method.

Fully Automated

Transform your traditional software delivery process and fully automate your build and deployment of software releases. Be release ready.


Solution that scales and highly available when you need it the most. Protect and secure your source code with least privilege access.


Believes K8s


Kubernetes in


Improved Resource


Kubernetes to
save 20% cost


Eased app
upgrades &



JUTEQ’s Kubernetes Capabilities

Kubernetes Strategy & Consulting

Building Kubernetes Roadmap & Plan

K8s Infrastructure Management

Security & Access Control

Monitoring & Observability

Pipeline Automation & Security

Capability Management & Recommendation

Release and Environment Management

Immutable Infrastructure

Admission control & Guardrails

Continuous Improvements & Feedback Loop

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