We manage DevOps so you deliver great software daily.

Maximize Your Efficiency with Our Tailored DevOps Solutions. From streamlined automation to enhanced collaboration, our expert team is here to scale your technology operations.

What Services We Offer

At JUTEQ, we provide a wide range of DevOps services designed to foster creativity and drive innovation. Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring that we can meet your unique needs with customized solutions. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:


You can move at high velocity to roll out new features, enhancements, fix bugs and make changes faster.


With well-architected pipeline, automate low-value tasks to free dev team for innovations.


Monitor your workloads to get insight and take timely actions.

“Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential – Contact Us for a Custom DevOps Strategy.”


What We Do?

Automate DevOps Pipeline
Freedom to work on stories and features
Focus on building great products

Do Your Team and Organization Struggle With:

More than 50% organizations find DevOps hard to adopt whereas 70% still working on skills gaps. DevOps brings culture in software delivery. The culture faces direct challenges with people, process and technology to achieve the desired maturity.

Team is not release ready
Release through developer account
Building dev environment takes time
Over privileges and lose repository permissions
Sensitive info in code
Build secrets are accessible to developers

Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential – Contact Us for a Custom DevOps Strategy.

We are DevOps Experts

Over 400 pipelines delivered

Consistently serving since 2017

Ready For a Change? We Can Help!

It’s time to take control of release engineering. Make a change, hire our commercial-grade DevOps service,


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Run Your Build with a Click

Know that anyone in organization with approval can trigger a build

If You Do Not Act Now, You May Continue With:

Delaying action on key challenges can lead to ongoing issues that hinder your organization’s growth and success. If you do not act now, you may continue to experience:

Lost Agility

Without DevOps automation, smaller and frequent releases are distanced. Continuous improvements is a dream.

Developer Experience

Your will hinder developers in promoting innovation, psychological safety, speed of development and interaction. No experiments, no developer experience.

Blurred Visibility

Lack of predictability in lead time to deliver features in software lifecycle and restoring broken services.

Legacy Infrastructure

Your organization will be blocked in innovating and moving towards modern infrastructure that involves microservice, cloud scale and cost optimization.

Tools Sprawl

Lack of standardized tools lead into siloed implementation of DevOps by different teams and repeatedly solving same challenges across organization.

Undisclosed Changes

Software delivery cycles are compressing. Fast-paced development may prone to unapproved changes that results in deployment failure.

Turbo-charge Your Product Release

Ready to launch your next big product? JUTEQ is here to help you turbo-charge your product release with cutting-edge strategies and creative solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your product not only hits the market with a splash but also sustains momentum for long-term success.

Cloud Native

Cloud native applications needs cloud native build and deployment processes and pipelines. You don’t need to figure out by yourself. Use the proven method.

Fully Automated

Transform your traditional software delivery process and fully automate your build and deployment of software releases. Be release ready.


Solution that scales and highly available when you need it the most. Protect and secure your source code with least privilege access.

Reduction in Deployment Time
0 %
Higher Quality Deliverables
0 %
Developer Productivity with DevX
0 %
Time Spent for Infrastructure Improvement
0 %
Dropped Critical Incidents
0 %
Reduced Security Vulnerabilities
0 %

JUTEQ’s DevOps Capabilities

At JUTEQ, our DevOps capabilities are designed to enhance your development processes, ensuring faster, more reliable product releases. By integrating development and operations, we create a seamless pipeline that improves efficiency, reduces errors, and accelerates time-to-market. Here’s how our DevOps expertise can benefit your organization:

DevOps Strategy & Consulting
Building DevOps Framework
CI/CD Infrastructure Management
Source Code Control & Access Control
Infrastructure as a Code (IaC)
Monitoring & Observability
Pipeline Automation & Security
Capability Management & Recommendation
Release and Environment Management
Monitoring & Observability
Security Scan and Runtime
Continuous Feedback & Feedback Loop

Streamlining Development for Faster, More Reliable Releases

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